Monday, May 25, 2009

Just completed my workout

I feel good that I just completed my Yoga fusion workout on Comcast. This workout is really challenging for me. I almost quit but I talked myself into pushing forward. Man I hate having to work at getting back into shape. I promise to never let my body get so far behind and at my age it seems to be more difficult and take longer.

I know the more I do the better results I will see. My arms are even improving. It doesn't hurt as much when doing done facing dog position and the plank.

Well until next time.


  1. Pam - I can't believe you are 40, you have a young look! I just turned 40 and I am so happy that I finally started enjoying exercising. I love exercising and I cannot wait to do it everyday.

  2. Hey Pam,
    This is Jane - email me when you have a chance.

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